a house of straw in salazac

for rent: a home that breathes with you


It is possible to rent the whole house, or parts of it, for holidays, retreat periods, or workshops.

Available for long term or short term rental (All prices in euros).

The Straw-bale house: (sleeps 8)

Long term (up to 6 months): from 800 to 1200 euros per month                                             

Short term


  • High season (from June until September):   780 per week.
  • Low season (from September until  May included):  500 per week.


Le Mazet: (sleeps up to 4)

Long term (up to 6months):  from 450 to 530 euros per month    

Short term


  • High season (from June until September):         450  per week.
  • Low season :   350  per week.

The Sunny studio (sleeps 2)

Available only in summer:   280  per week


For week-ends: consult me directly.....