a house of straw in salazac

for rent: a home that breathes with you

About Me



Looking back on my long life  I see it all as an interesting, creative process.

So here it is: the resulting collage makes up my portrait.

My birth and growing up in Florence, Italy, make up the frame, a bit in the Renaissance style, with my love for beauty and good taste, but also for the humour of the commedia dell’arte.

In the middle, in brilliant colours, my five wonderful children, now parents themselves,and spread around the world.

A little to the left and around, in soft hues of complementary colours, my friends, close and far, who sustain and inspire me.

On the top left corner, there is a bright light, like a soft sun which spreads over the greater part of the picture: a year which I spent in India, in 1993, working in the “Home for the dying” of Mother Theresa, in Calcutta, and also with the street children of the train station in the same city.

To the right, like a crackle of fireworks, my professional life as a puppeteer, set designer, director of shows in Israel, where I used to live.

My present activity is establishing an NGO: “Puppeteers without Borders” in which we (a group of colleagues and friends) propose to pass on our know-how in puppetry as an educational tool in disadvantaged communities.

On the lower part, as a “frame within the frame”, in warm earthy colours, my present home (since 2003): a beautiful straw-bale house, created  in a bucolic corner of South of France: Salazac, a tiny village.

In my home I can have up to 12 guests, and often workshops, and meetings on different subjects take place.

I rent it out as well, in order to help pay my travels for "Puppeteers Without Borders"

This portrait, a bit in the style of Archinboldo, (if you see what I mean: eggplant as a nose, leek as hair…)  is not for sale!

But still I exhibit it, in order to show the action of the great Painter : the Great Life Force, active in all of us, if we just let it be so.